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First, know that you're going to be joining over 1 million Americans and Canadians who have decided to buy a retirement (or vacation) home in Mexico -- so you're in very good company. So welcome aboard!

It's quite legal to buy property in Mexico... and the Mexican government encourages our investment dollars which add to the local economies. The trick is to find a knowledable property company that can help you find what you're looking for.

After nearly a year of research, hundreds of long distance phone calls, and thousands of emails, one company rose like cream-to-the-top: Fine Fleur Properties.

"Let Me Tell You About My Own Experience
With Fine Fleur...

My husband, Richard, and I invited the owner of Fine Fleur, Edo Mark, and his lovely wife Celina (a native of Mexico) over for dinner.

It was a wonderful, relaxing visit and our face-to-face meeting reaffirmed and validated what I've been telling my readers for so long:

Fine Fleur is indeed the place to go if you're thinking about moving to Mexico to enjoy the economic and medical benefits this country has to offer retirees.

Edo further elaborated on the process involved in buying (and building) in Mexico. Indeed, it's easier than you think! Plus, there's an entire body of law to encourage and secure foreign home ownership in Mexico.

So it's not really a question of IF you can buy real estate in Mexico. It's a question of: WHERE in Mexico are YOU going to live?

So let's answer that critical question now -- and give you a tour of some actual model homes so you can see what kind of real estate is currently available in Mexico...

"Mazatlan, Mexico:
The Largest American/Canadian Community"

Undoubtedly, the most popular location is Mazatlan, a port city, is set in a beautiful cove of the Pacific on the Sea of Cortez.

At approximately the same latitude as Hawaii, Mazatlan basks year-round in delightful weather with an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it sounds like the perfect retirement haven -- just wait. It gets better...

Throughout the world, Mazatlan has been coined "The Mexican Riviera" and "The Land of Eternal Spring" -- just to name a few.

For those of you who have been to the Riviera and noticed the private homes dotting the ocean-front hill side, you'll feel a strong of "deja vu" when you walk along the palm tree avenues of Mazatlan.

Indeed, the old port of Mazatlan is absolutely enchanting. It has the feel of a small, romantic port village. It has a positively "Mediterranean" feeling about it!

Mazatlan is a place people are eager to be outdoors. Mazatlan's remarkable scenic beauty is complemented by year-round festive atmosphere.

Just being there feels like you're on vacation. There is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful port city with its delightful laid-back atmosphere.

And the beaches... The Golden Zone’s wide, white sand beaches attract tourists and handicraft vendors and an abundance of beach sports. You will find the water delightfully warm almost year-round.

Just a short distance across the beautiful water, three islands rise up spectacularly and have small beaches of their own with intriguing tidal pools for divers and snorkelers.

To the south is the Olas Altas (High Waves) beach for surfers. With a spectacular sea break, the view as well as fabulous fresh seafood can be enjoyed at one of the many outdoor cafes along the avenue.

Nearby, you’ll find local fishermen selling their fresh catch on a daily basis. Best times to buy are early morning or late afternoon.

Downtown... Mazatlan’s downtown area displays colonial architecture and historical points like the Cathedral, the Theater, and the central market. Music fills the air at the central plaza, an area where you will find families and friends gathering each evening to enjoy the ambiance, fresh Mexican beer and food.

Restaurants and Nightclubs... There are so many varied eating establishments you can pick a different restaurant every night. The nightlife never ends! Choose from wonderfully prepared fresh local, succulent seafood, to hot spicy Mexican plates, to international fine dining.

Shopping... Handicrafts, silver jewelry, leather clothes, handmade gold jewelry, hand-painted pottery, fine wood sculptures, Mexican blankets and much more are available in the shops in Mazatlan, at very affordable prices. It’s a shopper’s paradise!

"El Cid: A Luxurious Gated Community"

If you've ever wanted to live in a gated community -- or if you thought you would have to give up such exclusivity by moving to Mexico, then think again....

El Cid is the place for you. El Cid, is an exclusive, beautifully maintained oceanfront community, with easy access to and from the U.S.

Complete with golf courses, swimming pools, community centers, and convenient shopping, El Cid is an ideal residential environment in an idyllic corner of Mazatlan, Mexico. It offers you an array of relaxing, sporting and sightseeing activities.

If you're a golfer, the gated and guarded community of El Cid offers everything today’s golf player desires: course-side homes, infrastructure, and green zones. Golfers will fall in love with the new Lee Trevino designed 27-hole golf course!

"Estrella del Mar:
Ocean, Nature and Beauty"

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere in full harmony with nature, this is the place to fulfill your dream!

Estrella del Mar, a beautiful, gated and guarded residential area with golf course, is just five minutes from the Mazatlan airport and located directly on the beach.

This fabulous development has a 25-room boutique hotel (for entertaining your out-of-town visitors) and an exclusive clubhouse on the beach, next to the golf course. Residents also have access to the swimming pool with bar and sun area.

Situated in an 816-acre, gated community with lush tropical landscaping our owners and guests are privy to Mexico’s best kept secret. Anchored by one of the top rated golf courses in the country and boasting 3.5 miles of private beach, Estralla del Mar is as beautiful as they come.

Available residential lots are located overlooking the beach, or directly on the course -- with the beach just a few minutes away on foot.

"Gated Communities, Golf Clubs, Yacht Clubs,
and Beachfront Property"

Have you ever dreamed of having your own first-line golf home? Ever wanted to walk out your door, hop in your golf-cart and have some fun?

You will fall in love with the new Lee Trevino designed 27-hole golf course. El Cid, an exclusive, beautifully maintained oceanfront community, has easy access to the U.S.

The gated and guarded community of El Cid offers everything today’s golf player desires: a professional golf course beautifully designed between the villas, infra structure, and green zones and much more.

That should shatter any misconceptions about Mexico being a third-world country! It's a place where you can go to stretch your dollars and enjoy a comfortable, leisurely lifestyle... and really enjoy your retirement -- the way you've always wanted.

"Beachfront, Metropolitan, Country Club, Suburbs"

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that as many as a million U.S. citizens now live in Mexico, up five-fold from just 10 years ago.

Yes... Dreams of retiring to an exotic locale, complete with sun-drenched beaches, a high-standard of living, and plentiful recreation is within your reach.

You’ll enjoy the ambiance, wonderful food and culture of Old Mexico.

And if you’re looking for a “metropolitan experience with museums, fine restaurants, social affairs and enchanting night life, you will find plenty of options.

Be assured, you won’t be giving up anything by living in Mexico!In fact you can live better than you do now on less money and enjoy the kind of life you've always dreamed of.

"What Kind of Property Should I Look For:
A House or A Condo?"

You can choose one of Fine Fleurs’ models or have a custom-made villa built to your exact specifications. Construction time averages between eight and twelve months maximum.

It all depends on your budget and your lifestyle. Condos are generally cheaper than houses. They are spacious and affordable while freeing you from having to think about yard work and maintence.

Others may want a house... and I have good news:

With a favorable economic climate that welcomes your dollars, legally owning a home in Mexico is easy to attain with the courteous and knowledgeable assistance of Fine Fleur .

Even those who have never experienced the joy of home-ownership before find they can afford to own in Mexico. There's something wonderful for everyone...

"Model Homes and Custom-Designed Estates"

All of the model homes pictures will give you a very good impression of what Fine Fleur can do for you...

These are model home renditions starting from $129,000 up to almost a half-a-million dollars.

In either case, will you get more for your money and real value, too.

Of course these are NEW homes... Fine Fleur always has a few "resales" on hand -- and these can range from as low as $60K up to quite a tidy sum -- depending on where you decide to live ("location, location, location")

And keep in mind Fine Fleur is happy to adapt any model to your own wishes so you get exactly what you want without any compromises.

"What About Quality, Construction and Materials?"

Whether you're interested in a condo or a house, you can feel safe knowing that all dwellings are are made of the same same quality construction you would expect to find in high-quality homes.

In fact, much of the material (like lumber for example) comes from the U.S. and Canada!

And there are strict laws to protect the buyer and guarantee quality construction from the developer.

Fine Fleur gives you top-quality construction in your new home. The model homes here will give you a very good impression of what Fine Fleur can do for you.

They can adapt any model to your wishes to create your dream house. Every villa offers its own unique characteristics such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and indoor patios.

You'll discover just how safe and secure the government of Mexico has made foreign home ownership -- and how much they welcome your home investment.

Of course, seldom do people buy homes these days without the help of professionals like Realtors, Attorneys, and Escrow/Title Companies. Fine Fleur can refer you to an established network of such professionals ready to serve you.

Best of all, Edo and his brother, Martin, will stay in constant contact with you so you won’t have to worry about anything except getting ready to move to Mexico and start living your dream.

Their job is to make your dream of living in Mexico a reality -- so that you can get the home you've always wanted at a price you will be surprised to discover YOU CAN AFFORD.

Yes, you can retire in luxury... and your luxurious retirement begins with finding the right home for you.

"Going To Mexico For On-Location House Hunting"

Shopping for a home is like going on vacation... you'll certainly feel that way when you're surrounded by luscious tropical greenery, tall palm trees, sandy beaches, and warm blue oceans. As such, it's important to make the most of your time. Here's what I suggest:

• Plan a three-to-seven day Inspection trip.

• Fly into Mazatlan’s own airport. It's modern, fast, and convenient!

• Fine Fleur can pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, or you can rent a car or take a taxi. Your choice, but most people prefer to have Fine Fleur pick them up.

Once you're settled in, Fine Fleur will schedule your time in Mazatlan to make the most of your visit pertaining to securing a home/property for you. Fine Fleur sales staff will personally show you around in a clean, spacious air-conditioned van. You will be shown available lots and the many possibilities for your home.

"Seeing The Sights While Seeing Home Sites:
How To Make Your Visit A GREAT Vacation, Too!"

Fine Fleur will do their utmost to ensure that you experience the wonderful, fine places and areas of interest in Mazatlan, so your visit will be extremely enjoyable. Lunches, dinners and nightlife are at the expense of Fine Fleur!

You will have some free time to enjoy the beach, and depending on the length of your visit, possibly other opportunities such as golf.

Your big responsibility during your visit is just what you came for: Have a wonderful time and decide which home and location will fulfill your dreams.

"Want To Know More?
I've Created This FREE Report To Help You"

Why put it off when virtually anyone can enjoy an abundant retirement with luxuries and amenities that -- usually -- only the rich enjoy... a life of abundance, prosperity, luxury. Stress free living is just that: completely stress free... and you don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy this kind of luxurious lifestyle.

I promise you: It's the best thing you can do... for you... for yourself!

Wishing you the best of everything, I remain -

Yours truly,

Barbara Parks
Webmaster, Author Retiree!

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